Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our April and May Update!

We're in the middle of May...and for some reason some days feel like SUMMER and some days feel like WINTER!  I think the kids don't believe our "Spring" song anymore :)!  That doesn't stop us!  We have enjoyed playing outside anyway and have explored all our outdoor areas!   Here are a few photos of some of the things we've enjoyed during the months of April and May!... 
We enjoyed going "fishing" during center time!
More fishing!

We've been busy taking care of the babies!

We've worked with our Handwriting without Tears program!

We've enjoyed being with our friends!
We've listened to stories on CD!
We've listened to MORE stories on CD!

We LOVED the Carol Peterson concert!

Oh yes, the Carol Peterson concert was lots of silly fun!

Some of us loved it so much, we wanted to be right NEXT to all the action!

After reading Mrs. Wishy-Washy we've washed LOTS of things!

We've enjoyed music therapy with Miss Kelly

What day is complete without "washing" at least one item in water!?
We have now introduced every letter of the, we're starting over!  We've focused again on "M" and the "mmmm" sound and are now moving on to "S" and the "sssss" sound! 

We will continue throughout the summer to work on math concepts such as "stop"/"go", "up/down", "big/little", "fast"/"slow", "in front"/"behind" as well as recognizing objects and matching and sorting objects.

Of course, we always work on our IEP goals each and every day as well!  You will see us work on more concepts in our Outdoor classroom also!  We have enjoyed making use of this wonderful space!  Next month, I will have more photos from this area to post!

Feel free to contact me by e-mail or by phone 823-0267 anytime after 2pm if you have questions or concerns!  Or simply write in your child's notebook!

Miss Pam