Friday, September 28, 2012

A Tour of our Classroom!

We have been hard at work learning at preschool!  Just LOOK at that smile :)  Preschool is such a fun place to learn!

We thought we would start off our school year by giving you a quick tour of our classroom!  We've focused on the centers in our classroom.  Centers are such an important part of every preschool child's school day! 

Every day the children get to choose where they would like to play.  We assist children in exploring toys, socializing with friends and using verbal communication and/or communication assisted with communication boards, PODD communication or signs.   

Here's our cozy corner book area!  We love to sit under our tent area and read lots of books!  Each week we make a trip to our school library to check out new books to keep in our classroom!  These are always a popular choice for reading time after lunch!  

Our science shelf!  We have color "windows" to look through, magnifying glasses and windows, mirrored "windows", sensory tubes, discovery box, books, textures to match and a "lock" box to explore. 

Our group time area! We sing, dance, read stories and play group games in this area!  Our group time easel is to the left with one of our large communication boards available.  Here we work on engaging with our friends, counting, turn taking, passing an object, imitating sounds, singing and communicating.

This photo shows a better view of our "build and drive" shelf (to the right) which includes our cars, trucks, tree blocks, large and small building blocks, tools, car ramps and a basket of books.  It also shows our light table (to the left of the rocking chair).  We use our light table to build with see through Legos and color shapes.  

Our art shelf with baskets of crayons, stickers, paper, scissors, glue, play dough, play dough toys, dry erase boards and markers, chalk and chalkboards and a basket of books.  The basket at the top of the shelf holds our slant boards which make it easier for us to explore coloring and drawing!

Here is our discovery shelf with musical instruments, alphabet toys, animals, beanbag toys and koosh balls!  This also shows our computer area (to the right)!  Here we explore cause and effect, textures, simple pretend play and explore sounds.

Here is our table toys and puzzles shelf- with pegs and pegboards, large beads to string, board games, shape sorters, Legos and books.  We have many items to assist the children with math skills, fine motor skills, shapes, colors, matching, sorting and patterning.

Here's our "house area."  (This photo was taken after the children left so the chairs are up!)  We have baby dolls, pretend food, puppets, stuffed animals, dress up clothes, hats, telephones, cameras and a basket of books.  Here the children can engage in pretend play with their peers or teachers.  We can work on fine motor skills by buttoning, zipping and snapping. 

And, finally, who can forget our sensory table!!  Here is our table as a 'baking table' with apple pie spice to sprinkle in flour! 

We hope you've enjoyed your quick tour of our center areas!  We would love to see more children in our photos- so if you haven't yet turned in your child's blog photo permission and you would like to see your child's photo on our blog- let me know and I will send home another form!