Sunday, August 26, 2012

Big Red Tub!

Last week we enjoyed reading a new book: Big Red Tub.  The children helped guess what was at the door next wanting to take a bath in the big red tub.  (A duck, a dog even a hippo!)

And, of course, we giggled when the big red tub in the story slid down the stairs, out the door and up into the sky!

After a few days of reading the story and using a picture board (with vocabulary from the book on picture cards), we decided to paint our own big red tub!  We started with a white foam container and proceeded to paint the entire outside red! 

After this dried, we gave our baby dolls a bath in it.  The following day, we gave our animals a bath! 

We spent time talking and reviewing body parts: eyes, ears, nose, chin, cheeks, neck, back, legs, knees etc.

The children helped dry the babies and get them dressed in their clothes (fine motor work).  Then we decided the babies probably wanted to sit on the sofa and watch some TV while we ate our lunch! 

By the end of the week, the children were able to use our picture board to answer some simple questions about the book!  We worked on our fine motor/dressing skills, reviewed body parts and created a new dramatic play experience!  All of that with one Big Red Tub!


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