Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Visit From Gracie!

We were so excited yesterday to have a visit from Gracie the comfort dog!  We talked about her visit during calendar time and the children remembered that she would be coming to visit "after lunch and after we read books"! 

We even had some excited "dog?...."dog?" questions throughout the morning in anticipation of her visit. 


Gracie was hugged, petted, talked to, played with, shown a picture of a dog in an attempt to get her to recognize it and even kissed right on the lips!!


Gracie is a wonderful, gentle and beautiful dog who will be visiting our classroom every Wednesday afternoon!  We can't wait to see her again next week!  If you would like to know more about Gracie you can visit her facebook page:!/GracieComfortDog 

Miss Pam

Bye- from Gracie!

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