Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cricket Corner Update...Our Newest Member of the Classroom!

November 28-December 2

The newest member of our classroom is "Bob" our classroom hamster!  If you follow my other blog from time to time, you may have seen him mentioned...once or twice!  The children have been so excited to get to know Bob.  They've enjoyed petting him very gently, feeding him peanuts and pumpkin seeds (his favorite foods) and watching him run around in his little fenced play area!

We have enjoyed hearing so much language from the children about Bob!  "Bob sleeping", "Bob eating", "No take Bob walk!" (I had taken him to visit another classroom) and the best was "Uh, Oh, Bob!" as Bob climbed the walls of his house, wanting to come out and play!

Starting soon, the children will have a chance to help care for Bob a bit.  They will be able to fill his water bottle, help fill his food bowl and put his toys back in his house after they are cleaned.  I'm pretty sure they will love helping with this!

This week we also enjoyed reading the book The Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett, working on vocabulary, imitating sounds, colors, shapes, sorting and matching.

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