Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Polar Express!

Update: December 19-21

The children were thrilled to spend the last day of school before winter break watching the movie The Polar Express!  Of course, we couldn't just stop there though, we had to EXPERIENCE the movie first hand! :)

So, we began by quickly looking through the book and talking about what was happening in the pictures.  We then gathered blankets and bean bag chairs and laid them out on the floor.  These became our pretend "beds" since the little boy in the movie starts out sleeping!  Since we were already in our pj's for pajama day, it was perfect!

Pretending to sleep while we watched the movie!
When the little boy got on the train and got his ticket, we also had to experience this!  We each had our own "tickets" and hole punches and we punched lots of holes in all the tickets!   We then gathered our chairs and lined them up like a train.  We got on our "train" and started the movie again.

The lights were still out, but, yes, we're using hole punches to punch our train tickets!

Here we are on our "train"!
We then had to take a little break to enjoy a snack, just like in the movie!  We had hot cocoa with marshmallows and a candy cane!

Drinking hot cocoa!

And, finally, at the end of the movie, we got to paint with giant bells (we put paper, paint and the bells in cake boxes, closed them up and shook them)!  We listened to make sure we could hear the bells ring as we shook them in the box, just like the little boy listened for the bells in the movie!

Painting with bells!

Then, to top everything off, we had cookies after lunch- brought by one of our friends in the classroom!  A perfect way to begin our winter break!

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