Monday, February 27, 2012

LOOK What We've Been up to!

I know...I know...we haven't updated our classroom page in quite a while!!  It's been busy in Cricket Corner!  We've enjoyed so many wonderful activities lately.  We've been exploring books with rhyme and rhythm as well as several nursery rhymes!

HEY...This was supposed to be a pict
ure of ME...what are you guys doing here?
We've recently read Silly Sally and have enjoyed the flannelboard pieces we have to go along with the story.  We absolutely LOVED acting out Little Miss Muffet and hearing the story A Pocket for Corduroy

Quick, clean up....we're having visit

We had a blast painting hearts with jingle bells.  We loved mixing red and white paint to make pink and we worked hard using red, white and pink play dough and clay.  The children also loved decorating bags for Valentines and helping to pass out Valentines to their friends.  Of course the day wasn't complete without baking cookies with LOTS of pink, red and white sprinkles on top!

Painting with red and white paint with bells inside a cake box!
We've been working on matching, sorting and categorizing items.  We've also been working on imitating sounds and hearing sounds in spoken words!  All the children are making so much progress in imitating single sounds and putting sounds together. 

Don't let it fall!  Don't let it fall!
But one of our most important accomplishments over the past month is the use of all of our new communication boards in the classroom!  Thanks to Teresa Wyant and Lori Jager from the AEA, we now have communication boards for "Play dough play", "trucks", "blocks", "Legos", "coloring" as well as large classroom boards we use when we choose a song to sing and read our books!

The boards have given the children an easy way to communicate with adults and other children when they don't yet have the words or can't easily find the words.  This is a wonderful, on-going project in our room.  We are adding more as we go. 

Finally!  Quick, take my picture...they're leaving!

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