Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dinosaurs and Gardening!

What ARE the similarities between dinosaurs and gardens?  Well, they are both awesome activities we have enjoyed recently! 

The children LOVED the dinosaur exhibit at the Putnam museum!  After a brief moment of fear as the dinosaurs moved and roared, the children kept going back to see the dinosaurs!

We also enjoyed sitting in a boat, climbing a "tree house", "swimming" under the ocean with the fish and octopus and climbing in a submarine!

Exploring the textures!

Hmmm....what does it say?

"Choo Choo train...Choo Choo Train!"

Exploring the under the sea area!

Making the dinosaur roar...and roar...and roar!

Riding in the boat!
Watching the fish "under the sea"
Yikes!  There's a dinosaur behind us!  Run!

Seriously people; bus rides are the coolest!
Then again, some of us thought the bus ride back to school was JUST as cool as the dinosaur exhibit! :)

Wow!  Look at all those flowers we get to plant!
And more recently, we've enjoyed gardening!  The children worked all morning helping to get the garden ready, then planting all kinds of plants!  We planted herbs, lettuce, carrots, peas, radishes and flowers!

Yep!  Dinosaurs and Gardening are both awesome activities!  We can't wait to get out in our garden again to do some more planting...and digging in the dirt...and scooping!  Now if only we could bring some dinosaurs to the garden! :)

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